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Street food has always been an important part of Pakistani culture. Street food is a must-try experience whether you are touring the bustling streets of Karachi or Lahore. Almost every corner has a street food vendor selling a variety of snacks and meals. Pakistani street food is also highly diversified and excellent. Several dishes in Pakistan and India are similar since they share a border. In this article, we will look at all of the best Pakistani street dishes.

1. DAHI BARY- Best Pakitani Street Food

Dahi bary

Dahi Bary is a popular daytime snack in Pakistan. It’s prepared with small fried dough balls called Bary that are soaked in spicy yogurt called dahi. The recipe also includes potatoes, chickpeas, chutney, and many spices. The combination of bary and creamy dahi is excellent.


Gol Gappay

Gol Gappay, popularly known as “Pani Puri,” is also a popular Pakistani street snack. It is prepared out of crispy fried dough balls named “puri” that are filled with spicy water known as “pani.” Puris are also filled with mashed potatoes, chickpeas, and other toppings which include chutney and yogurt. Almost always, Gol Gappay is offered as an appetizer or snack.


Samosa Street Food

Samosas are also typically the most popular street food among Pakistanis. They are triangle-shaped and made with a thin, flaky dough that is filled with a mixture of potatoes and spices. The dough is then deep-fried until crispy and golden brown. There are many types of samosas, an aloo samosa is a type of dough filled with potatoes, whereas a chicken samosa is a type of dough filled with chicken. Samosas can also be found at street stalls and served with sauces for dipping.



Pakoras are also a type of deep-fried snack that is popular in Pakistan. They are made with vegetables, including potatoes and onions, with a coating of gram flour. Then the pakoras are deep-fried until crispy and brown. They can also be found on every food street in Pakistan and are served with sauces for dipping, mostly chutney made with yogurt and spices.


Gelabi, Street food

Jalebi is a popular Pakistani street food sweet. It is made by deep-frying spiral shapes of gram flour batter with a small amount of yogurt. The fried dough is then soaked in a sugar syrup, giving it a sticky and sweet flavor. Jalebi is usually served hot with a cup of tea.


Gola Ganda

In Pakistan, especially during the hot summer months, Gola Ganda is also a very popular street food. It’s a refreshing treat made of shaved ice, sweetened syrup, and cream. The ice is mainly flavored with rose or mango syrup, giving it a refreshing taste in hot weather. Gola Ganda can be seen in busy markets and streets.


Bun Kabab Street Food

A flavored meat patty is used to make bread kabab, which is then topped with chutney, onions, and tomatoes. Pakistani bread is of the bun variety. The patty is placed on a bun, then toppings are added to make a bun kabab. It is a well-liked Pakistani street food. To improve the flavor, cheese and fried eggs are sometimes placed on top of the patties.


kulfi, street food

In Pakistan and other Asian countries, kulfi is a famous frozen dessert. It has a richer and creamier texture than ice cream. It is prepared by heating milk and sugar until it thickens, then flavoring it with pistachio, mango, or saffron. The mixture is frozen until it becomes solid. It’s served in a cone or cup with almonds or dried fruit on top.

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