Most popular Saudi Arabian food dishes

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The Top 5 most Famous Saudi Arabian food dishes are

1. Mandi

Saudia Arabian food mandi

Mandi is the most famous and traditional dish in Saudi Arabian food. The dish contains rice a big piece of chicken, lamb, or mutton meat, and some special spices. the main and interesting thing is the dish is cooked in an underground oven pit. mandi is extremely popular in Arab countries. The taste of this dish is not much spicy but the flavor of meat can be experienced in rice. Due to its unique flavors, Mandi is also getting popular in Pakistan and India.

2. Aarika

Saudia arabian food masoob

Aarika is also a traditional dessert dish of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the U.A.E . To make Arika flatbread is crushed in the machine with dates then cream, cheese, cornflakes, honey, and cashew nuts are added to the dish. Aarika is the most popular dish in Saudi Arabian food.

A dessert called Masoob is almost the same as Aarika but there is one difference in Masoob, instead of dates bananas are added, and other ingredients are the same as in Aarika.

3. kabsa

Saudia arabian food

Kabsa is also a rice dish that includes meat and vegetables. chicken, goat, lamb, fish, or camel meat is used in the making of kabsa. Kabsa is also a national dish of the Arabian peninsula. Almonds, pine nuts, and peanuts may also be added to the dish. A large metal plate is used to serve this dish with salad and tomato sauce.

4. Murtabak


Murtabak is a stuffed pancake or bread which is fried on a pan. It is a famous Saudia Arabian street food and it is filled with eggs, cheese, vegetables, curry, and herbs. Murtabak is like a folded omelet. it is also found in different Arabian countries and in South Asia. Murtabak is a famous street food in Indonesia.

There is also a sweet Murtabak which is called a Murtabak Manis. This sweet pancake has a variety of fillings but the most common is the one with chocolate and peanut filling. it has a fluffy texture with a sweet and buttery taste.

5. Falafel


Falafel is the street food in Saudi Arabian food and in the Middle East. it is thought that falafel originated in Egypt. Falafel is fried balls or patties made with chickpeas or fava beans, herbs, and spices. Sometimes chickpeas and fava beans both are used in the making of falafel. it is a popular vegetarian food and is mostly served in pita sandwiches with pickles and sauce.