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If you have a MacBook, you know that the keyboard is one of its most important components. Typing is made easier by the sleek design and responsive keys. Constant use, on the other hand, can cause damage, which is why preserving your MacBook keyboard is critical. In this post, we’ll look at the top MacBook keyboard wear choices on Amazon to keep your valued laptop in excellent shape.

Why Protecting Your MacBook Keyboard is Important

The keyboard on your MacBook is a sensitive piece of technology. Dust, debris, and spills can all damage the keys. This can lead to faulty keys and decreased typing efficiency over time. Investing in a decent Macbook keyboard wear will help you prevent costly repairs or replacements.

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Best MacBook Keyboard Wear on Amazon

Now, let’s look at the best MacBook keyboard wear options available on Amazon. These covers offer excellent protection and are highly recommended by MacBook users.

1. Premium Ultra Thin MacBook Keyboard Wear for Apple MacBook Pro 13


  • Specifically designed for the MacBook Pro 13 Inch without Touch Bar (2016-2019 Release US Keyboard Layout). Models: A1708), as well as the new MacBook 12 Inch A1534 from 2017/2016/2015.
  • NOT FIT 2022-2019 MacBook Pro 13 inch w/o TouchBar Models A2289 A2251 A2338 A2159 A1706 A1989 & All MacBook Air 13 inch)

Premium Ultra Thin MacBook Keyboard Wear

2. Batianda Ombre Color Keyboard Cover


  • Keyboard Cover Skin is a perfect fit for all MacBook Pro 13, 15, and 17 with or without Retina Display – Release 2015 / 2014 / 2013 / 2012 and Old MacBook Air 13″ 2010-2017 and iMac Wireless Keyboard.
  • Not compatible with the New MacBook Pro 13″ 15″ with TOUCH BAR 2016-2020 and the 2020 2019 2018 Mac Air 13 2018 with TOUCH ID. The high-quality silicone material that is long-lasting, healthful, and environmentally friendly. Each key is custom-molded and printed on clear silicone.
  • Removable and washable to keep it clean, environmentally friendly, and great for preventing drink or food spills at home or at work. It keeps your keyboard looking new, and its attractive gradual color can make your laptop look more stylish.

Batianda Ombre Color Keyboard Cover

3. EooCoo Keyboard Wear Ultra Thin for MacBook


  • Only compatible with the most recent 2023 2022 2021 2020 Macbook Pro 13-inch M2 M1 (Model A2338 A2289 A2251) with Magic Keyboard and the 2019 2022 MacBook Pro 16-inch (Model A2141) with Touch Bar Touch ID, QWERTY US Layout. Please check the model number “Axxxx” on the bottom of your Macbook.
  • This product is incompatible with 2021+ MacBook Pro 16″ models equipped with M1 Pro/Max processors. Not compatible with Macbook Pro 13 Inch with Touch Bar (models: A2159 A1706 A1989, released between 2016 and 2019) and older Macbook Pro 13 Inch (models: A1502 A1425, released between 2010 and 2015). NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE EUROPEAN LAYOUT.
  • Keyboard Wear Protect your Macbook keyboard against dust, liquid spills, key damage, contaminants, and more.
  • Made of high transparency and engineering quality TPU material, ultra-thin to 0.12mm, won’t harm the screen and makes typing easier.

EooCoo Keyboard Wear Ultra Thin

4. Silicone Keyboard Cover Skin for MacBook Air 13.3-inch


  • Compatible ONLY with the 2020 MacBook Air 13” Model A2337 with M1 Chip, Touch ID, and Retina Display. DO NOT FIT the 2022 MacBook Air 13” with M2 chip A2681 or the 2018 MacBook Air 13” with Touch ID A1932. Please double-check the model and version of your laptop before purchase.
  • WASHABLE, REUSABLE, AND DURABLE; protects your keyboard from liquid spills (such as orange juice, soda, coffee, beer, milk, and so on), dust, pizza crumbs, biscuit crumbs, hamburger crumbs, soot, pet hair, and other messes. You can use it again after washing and cleaning it with straight remove and apply.

Silicone Keyboard Cover Skin

5. Keyboard Cover with MAC OS Shortcut Hot Keys


  • Perfectly compatible with Apple MacBook Pro 14-inch A2779 A2442 2023 2021/MacBook Pro 16-inch A2780 A2485 with M3 M2 M1 Chip/MacBook Air 13.6 inch A2681 2022/MacBook Air Laptop with M2 chip 15.3-inch A2941 2023 Laptop.
  • It not only provides shortcut instructions to boost your work efficiency, but it also provides all-around keyboard protection, with each key and symbol uniquely molded and precisely printed on silicone for a long-lasting professional look.

Keyboard Cover with MAC OS Shortcut Hot Keys

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Protecting your MacBook keyboard is an important step in extending the life and effectiveness of your laptop. With Amazon’s extensive selection of keyboard covers, you can discover the right fit for your individual MacBook model while also adding a touch of design. With the correct keyboard cover, you can keep your keyboard in excellent shape while still enjoying a comfortable typing experience.


Do keyboard covers affect the typing experience?

No, excellent keyboard coverings are designed to keep your MacBook’s natural typing sensation. They have no discernible effect on your typing experience.

Is it possible to remove and clean the keyboard cover?

Yes, most keyboard covers can be removed and cleaned easily. Specific cleaning procedures should be found in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Will a keyboard cover suit my particular MacBook model?

The majority of keyboard covers are made to fit specific MacBook models. Make careful to choose a cover that fits the dimensions of your laptop.

Are keyboard covers durable?

Quality keyboard covers are composed of long-lasting materials such as silicone. They are built to last and give long-term protection.