Murree Pakistan hill station a famous place to visit

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Murree is a hill station in Pakistan that is situated almost 30km northeast of Islamabad. Murree is famous because of its natural beauty. This is an attractive place for its tourists. many tourists came to explore Murree weather and its natural beauty. Murree is the most famous and must-visit site in Pakistan. The mountains and the large number of pine trees attract people to visit Murree.

Murree weather in summer

The average temperature in Murree in the summer season is almost 23°C. Due to the hot weather of Pakistan in the summer season, Murree attracts the most tourist in the summer season due to its pleasant weather. many people come to Murree to enjoy the good weather and fresh air. On Eid ( A Muslim religious event) days Murree is full of tourists. The summer season is the best time to visit Muree and most people visit Murree at this time.

Murree weather in winter

The Winter season starts in December with heavy snowfall every year. January is the coldest month of the year in Muree Pakistan. The temperature in the winter season is mainly around the freezing point. a lot of tourists come to visit Murree in the winter season because of snowfall. Everything covered with white snow gives a very amazing experience to the eyes in the winter season.

Famous place in Murree

Mall road is the busiest and the most famous area in Murree, Pakistan. In mall road, there are many different hotels to stay in and restaurants for eating food. There are small markets and shops selling cultural things of Murree.

The highest point of Murree, Pakistan

The highest point of Murree is Kashmir point which is located near Mall road. it gives the natural view of Murree and from there the mountains of Kashmir can be seen. it is about 7500 feet above sea level and it is the highest point in this region.