Best Advent Calendars 2023 – Top Picks for Holidays

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The holiday season is almost approaching, and what better way to count down the days until Christmas than with a lovely advent calendar? Amazon has a large selection of the best advent calendars for 2023 to suit a variety of likes and preferences. In this post, we will look at the top Amazon advent calendars to ensure that your December is packed with excitement, surprises, and lovely moments.

The Origin of Advent Calendars

Advent calendars have a fascinating and rich history. They originated in Germany during the 19th century to mark the 24 days running up to Christmas. Early advent calendars were simply paper sheets with religious imagery behind each door. The goal was to generate a sense of excitement for Jesus’ birth.

The Modern-Day Advent Calendar

Advent calendars have changed a lot since they were first made. They now come in an amazing range of themes and appeal to a lot of different interests, which makes them an important part of the modern holiday season.

Types of Best Advent Calendars 2023

Amazon has a wide selection of advent calendars to suit a variety of interests. The following are some of the most popular categories:

1. Beauty and Skincare Advent Calendars

Beauty and skincare advent calendars are ideal for beauty lovers. These calendars contain miniature replicas of premium cosmetics, skincare goods, and scents. You may treat yourself to a new beauty product every day.

Best Advent Calendars

Beauty and Skincare Advent Calendars

2. Food and Drink Advent Calendars

Foodies will love the best advent calendars stocked with gourmet nibbles, teas, coffees, and even craft brews. These calendars provide an daily amazing surprise, making the countdown to Christmas a delicious journey.

Best Advent Calendars

Food and Drink Advent Calendars

3. Advent Calendars for Kids

Children may enjoy the fun of the best advent calendars with selections designed just for them. Kids’ advent calendars, which include everything from LEGO sets to toy surprises, are a terrific way to make the Christmas season more magical.

Best Advent Calendars

Advent Calendars for Kids

4. Tech and Gadget Advent Calendars

Advent calendars with tiny gadgets and accessories are popular among tech-savvy people. Each day, these calendars are a fun way to discover new tech products and accessories.

Best Advent Calendars

Tech and Gadget Advent Calendars

5. Advent Calendars for the Whole Family

Some advent calendars are intended to be enjoyed by the entire family. They might include a variety of goodies, games, and surprises appropriate for all ages, providing a shared holiday experience.

Advent Calendars for  Family

Advent Calendars for Family

6. DIY Advent Calendars

You may make your own daily surprises with DIY advent calendars. Fill them with tiny presents, messages, or even fun challenges for a one-of-a-kind, personalized experience.

DIY Advent Calendars

DIY Advent Calendars

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This holiday season, make the countdown to Christmas more magical with the best advent calendars. Whether you want cosmetic items, tasty delicacies, gadgets, or personalized selections, there’s an advent calendar for you. Enjoy the excitement of unwrapping and the holiday season.


How can I pick the right advent calendar for me?

Choose an advent calendar that matches your hobbies and tastes. Amazon has a wide selection, so you’re sure to discover the ideal one.

Are there eco-friendly advent calendars available?

Yes, Amazon sells a variety of eco-friendly and sustainable advent calendars for people who favor environmentally friendly options.

Is it possible to create an advent calendar for my family?

Absolutely! Personalized advent calendars allow you to personalize the holiday countdown.

Do advent calendars only contain chocolates?

No, advent calendars today come in a variety of themes such as beauty, cuisine, toys, and technological gear.

When should I start using an advent calendar?

Advent calendars traditionally begin on December 1st and continue until Christmas Eve on December 24th. However, according to their customs, some individuals may opt to begin sooner or later.