Arang Kel – A Complete Guide to Explore

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Arang Kel is an excellent place in the center of Azad Kashmir. Beautiful natural sights and cultural treasures make this place feel unexpected, which is what attracts people there. Arang Kel is one of the most beautiful places in Azad Kashmir. We go on an in-depth journey to find Arang Kel’s secret sides, showing the stunning beauty and untold stories that make it a must-see for travelers seeking both peace and exciting adventures.

Things to do in Arang Kel

Arang Kel


Hikers who are looking for new experiences are attracted to Arang Kel’s strange scenery. You can choose between a relaxing hike from Kel or an exciting trip from Kel to Arang Kel via the small city of Halmat. Either way, you will see beautiful scenery and meet interesting people. Every slow step takes you farther into the woods.

Captivating Sunrises and Sunsets

The scene is much more stunning during sunrise and sunset. Get up early to see the colors burst as the sun rises, reflecting the landscape in gold and pink tones. Similarly, enjoy the thrill of stunning sunsets, when the sky reflects the valley’s splendor and leaves you captivated by nature’s artwork.

Cultural Exploration

Engage with the friendly people and learn about Arang Kel’s diverse cultures. Participate in their events, sample their flavorful traditional cuisine, and enjoy the warmth of their welcome. The unexpectedness of cultural encounters offers a special spice to your journey.

Camping Under the Starlit Sky

Spend a night camping at this magical place and soak in the natural splendor. The explosion of starlit heavens over the valley offers a magical feeling. As you sleep under the sparkling stars, the excitement of the night fills you with calm and astonishment. So, if you visit this place, camping is a must-try for a unique experience.

Weather Conditions 

Arang Kel’s weather changes throughout the year. In the summer, brief intervals of nice weather make it an ideal location for hiking and other outdoor activities. During the winter, snow blankets the valley, giving it a mysterious feel. However, adverse conditions may make access difficult, so plan your journey carefully.

Best Time to Visit Arang Kel

The best time to visit this location is between May and October. The valley is covered in vibrant flowers in the spring, and the favorable temperatures in the summer allow you to enjoy all of the attractions. During the fall season, the landscape expands with vivid colors, creating breathtaking entertainment. Winter is lovely, but it might be difficult to get around because it snows a lot.

Accommodation Options

As you plan a journey to Arang Kel, the question of where to stay arises. Don’t be worried, because this paradise’s hidden beauty covers a kind welcome. This place warmly welcomes guests to explore its natural beauty. It includes comfortable cottages and guesthouses that blend nicely with the natural environment. Camping is another alternative for staying there because it allows people to get closer to nature. It’s better to reserve your accommodation in advance to avoid any problems in the tourist season.

How to reach Arang kel from Islamabad?

The total distance from Islamabad to Arang Kel is about 390 Km and takes 8-10 hours. Follow these steps to reach your destination.

Travel to Kel: Begin by driving from Islamabad to Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir. Continue towards Sharda from Muzaffarabad. The trip to Sharda will take about 4-5 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions.

From Sharda to Kel: When you arrive in Sharda, you have two choices for continuing your journey to Kel. The first alternative is to hire a local jeep, often known as a “4/4,” to help you navigate the difficult steep terrain. The second option is to journey from Sharda to Kel, which is a popular choice for daring hikers. The trek lasts about 2-3 hours and includes breathtaking scenery as well as cultural encounters with locals.

Kel to Arang Kel: After reaching Kel, you must embark on another exciting hike or chairlift ride to reach Arang Kel. If you opt to walk from Kel, the final 1-2 hour climb will take you to the stunning beauty of Arang Kel.
Plan your route ahead of time, especially if you intend to trek, and consider weather conditions and road accessibility.